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Viva! Acai™ ACAI Berry with Pomegranate

ACAI ……the health sensation from the amazon!

Acai. The #1 “superfruit” in the world. Loaded with powerful antioxidants, healthy fatty acids, dietary fiber and more. Bolstered with Pomegranate… adding to this powerhouse formula of health benefits for you

32 day supply
Limited Time Only

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Acai Affiliate Program

Synflex America, Inc offers you the opportunity to profit with our affiliate program by recommending Viva! Acai on your website, blog or newsletter. The affiliate market model that we offer is based on performance. Most importantly we offer one of the highest commission levels on the Internet today. Viva! Acai affiliate program is free of charge and takes only a minute of your time to get started .

What is Viva! Acai?
There is no doubt that Viva! Acai is big news and it is quickly becoming very popular in the health conscious community. Viva! Acai is a proprietaly blend of concentrated fruit juices with the main ingredients being Acai Berry and Pomegranate Juice. It is used to provide antioxidants for fighting free radicals. Other benefits of Viva! Acai can be found here.

Commission levels
We pay $6.50 for each bottle sold through your website. We process the order and ship from our warehouse. After accumulating minumum commission balance in commissions. Checks are issued monthly. Additionally, we provide 2nd tier commission of $2 per bottle sold by affiliates you refer to our program.

How do I become a Viva Acai affiliate?

  1. Review our affiliate agreement
  2. You simply fill out our online affiliate application, listing a valid website and contact information
  3. Place available links or banners of your choice in a viable location on your website.

How do I get links and banners?

  1. Simply logon to your affiliate account and click on GET LINKS SECTION
  2. Chose the desired category and select the banner you prefer
  3. Optional: We can create a custom banner for you that matches your color scheme and website layout.

How do I get help?
Assistance is always available via email, live chat or telephone. If you have concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Technical overview
We use accurate tracking software in order to measure your performance. Tracking sales is accomplished by cookie-based technology. The cookie remains active for 90 days after the initial click. Our tracking software provides you with detailed overview of your performance such as clicks, impressions and sales generated.

How do I Maximize performance?

  1. Place the marketing material on a visible location
  2. Provide additional information about the product such as reviews, clinical studies, and other educational materials by adding a link to our non – profit Acai and Pomegranate resource center, www.best-acai.org.
  3. Please note that our affiliate cookie remains active for 90 days after a client visits the webpage. This simply means that if an order has been generated within 90 days from the initial click you will be credited for this sale.
  4. Monitor your affiliate statistics available at your affiliate account.
  5. Increase your commission levels by adding other products from the Synflex lineup.
  6. Use testimonials available at www.viva-acai.com/testimonials.
  7. Refer others to join our program and receive an additional $2 for each bottle sold by your referral.

Questions? Email us at info@synflexamerica.com.

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