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Viva! Acai™ ACAI Berry with Pomegranate

ACAI ……the health sensation from the amazon!

Acai. The #1 “superfruit” in the world. Loaded with powerful antioxidants, healthy fatty acids, dietary fiber and more. Bolstered with Pomegranate… adding to this powerhouse formula of health benefits for you

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Acai Berry Fact & Fiction

I’m sure if you’re reading this, than you are curious to find out the truth behind the Acai berry, and some of the false statements that have been made over the years. Of course, when an all-natural health supplement that is new to the US hits the market with a bang, there is going to be some questioning and some skeptics as well. The Acai berry craze started sometime in 2004 and took off from there. To clear the air, let’s separate the fact from fiction.

Fact: The Acai berry is a powerful super antioxidant fruit. Harvested in the rain forests of Brazil, Acai is considered the #1 super fruit in the world today. Loaded with antioxidants, amino acids, healthy fatty acids and dietary fiber, Acai has earned its reputation as an anti-aging and energizing health sensation.
Fiction: The Acai berry alone has the power to help you lose up to 40 lbs in one week. This is simply not true, of course with diet and exercise Acai can be a healthy and natural way to increase energy.

Fact: Oprah Winfrey does in fact have information on her website stating that the acai berry is “nature’s energy fruit”
Fiction: Oprah and/or Dr. Oz have not sponsored or endorsed any acai berry, resveratrol, colon cleanse or dietary supplement product. This was simply a marketing scheme to get people to buy a specific product.

The truth is that the Acai berry is a great way to boost your energy and get your daily serving of antioxidants, even if you live a busy lifestyle. The most popular form of the Acai berry supplement seems to be in a juice formula, other natural energy boosters and antioxidants can also be added to an Acai juice supplement. To learn more about Acai juice formulas, click here http://www.viva-acai.com/index.php

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